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Value Chain & Product Development

Farm and food entrepreneurs interested in finding more markets for their products, or analyzing your current products to identify opportunities to grow or diversify are eligible for one-on-one technical assistance with CADE. Contact us today.

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Resources for Farmers

  • Product and Price Template: If you are interested in selling your products wholesale, you need a one-page document to hand to potential buyers that clearly explains your products, prices, delivery and terms. Download the template to make your own product list.

Additional Resources

  • Third Party Certifications: Getting your farm or products certified grass-fed, Animal Welfare Approved, organic and more can open up new market opportunities for you, but it’s not always clear how or to what degree. Visit our list of third party certifications and be sure to ask the companies, agencies and participating farmers what new markets to expect before joining. 

  • Cornell Small Farms Program Marketing Resources: Explore materials and other great suggestions on direct marketing, collaborative marketing, organic, value-added, wholesale, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), agri-tourism and more. 

  • NCAT Marketing Tip Sheet Series: Tip sheets from the National Center for Appropriate Technology. The guide covers the following topics: tips for selling at Farmers Markets, Roadside Stands, on the Internet, through CSAs, to Aggregators, to Grocery Stores, to Institutional Markets, to Produce Brokers, Distributors, or Packing Houses, to Restaurants, and through Agritourism or "Pick-Your-Own."

Image by Robert Kalinagil
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