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Biannual CADE Client Survey

CADE offers services free to NY farm and food businesses. CADE asks that in exchange for services, you provide data for services. All information will remain confidential and not be used in an identifiable way without direct permission.


Please do your best to complete the survey in its entirety. This allows CADE to track longitudinal data and show the impact of  CADEs work with our clients - assisting us in securing funding to continue this work. 


This survey is anticipated to take 20-30 minutes to complete. As a small token of our gratitude for your sharing of information, those who complete a survey will be entered into a drawing to win one of four $50 gift cards.


If you have any questions please reach out to Program Coordinator,

Rhiannon Wright, at (or your Senior Program Manager).

Do you self identify or have a certification as a minority or women owned business (MWBE)?
This question deals with farm transitions - this may include an intergenerational business transfer within the family, a purchase (of land and/or a business) from a new farmer, or similar circumstances. Please check all that apply to you:


How important is it to you that your business advance the following values in your planning and operations? (one star being not important - five stars being very important)

Equity & InclusionEquity & Inclusion
Are you actively, or are you interested in practicing climate-smart farming?


Have you made investments in your business or enterprise in the past 6 months? This may look like physical capital investments (loans, new equipment purchases, buildings/land), or human capital investments (personal education, employee training, etc.)


Do you currently outsource any of your business’s labor to other service providers? (Example, accountant, marketing, co-packer, sales, transportation, etc.)


What are your gross sales, in dollars?

What is your net on farm income, in dollars?

What are your total revenues, in dollars?

What is your net on farm income, percentage?

In the past 6 months, have you experienced increases in (check all that apply)

GRANTS: How much funding in grants have you applied for AND received in the past six months (March 2022-October 2022)? Please list in dollars

LOANS: How much funding in loans have you applied for AND received in the past six months (March 2022-October 2022)? Please list in dollars

Product and Supply Chain

Do you have a business that adds value to, improves process of, aggregates or distributes New York Products?

How many, if any, aggregators, distributors, transportation facilities do you work with? If none, please enter 0, if these logistics are handled 100% internally, please enter 1 under "Self".

How many, if any, co-packing or processing facilities does your business or enterprise use? 

Digital and Technology

Do you post your business or products in or on any digital or print directories (example: Harvest NY Database, Local Line, ripeCommunity, County Tourism Guide, etc.)
Are you utilizing any farming technologies to do any of the following?

Support and Needs

Do you feel supported by current local, state or federal policies that impact your business (ex: Farm to School legislation, Small Business Support, Nourish NY, etc.)

Please check this box if you'd be willing to provide CADE with an "Impact Letter" for reporting - we would provide you with a template (asking for similar information as reported in this survey), and help you compile a few sentences from your survey response about your experience with CADE, which we would submit as a part of our reporting to funders. This helps us highlight stories and put "faces" to the numbers.

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