Support CADE's Efforts

Your Donation to CADE Keeps New York State Farms Thriving


Your gift will be used for:

  • Sustaining a supply of nutritious local food products with which to feed our communities

  • Strengthening the local farm economy to keep wealth--and nutrition--in the community

  • Securing new markets for farms--from local institutions and schools to retail and wholesale outlets that value local food

  • Injecting capital into farm and food businesses, ready to expand and diversify

  • Educating farmers on sound business practices and new market opportunities

  • Incubating new business enterprises to meet market demand

  • Supporting dairy farmers to develop new value-added product lines, diversify, or transition to new types of production

  • Conserving farmland 

  • Sequestering carbon to mitigate the effects of climate change

  • Strengthening the food supply chain for a vibrant food economy

  • Making NYS into America’s next foodshed by 2050

  • Setting the agenda of public and private sector stakeholders on NY’s agricultural development

  • And much more.


Make your tax deductible contribution today by check (made out to Center for Agricultural Development and Entrepreneurship) mailed to:

189 Main Street, 5th Fl Mezzanine

Oneonta, NY 13820

Image by Robert Kalinagil