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Labor Series

Tuesdays: October 11, 2022 - November 1, 2022 | 6-7:30p | Online

keywords: operations, labor, legal

presenters: CADE Staff, Guest Presenters including

Farm Commons & Agricultural Justice Project

Farm Labor Panel: A panel of farmers of all scales will discuss their experiences with managing different types of labor. Come learn what it takes to run a successful operation with paid employees, H2A, interns, apprentices, or volunteers on small, medium, and large scale farms.

Fair Labor: Do you value a fair and just work environment? Do you want to develop an employee management system that is values-driven and retains long-term employees? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then this workshop is for you! Join long-time advocate of organic farming and labor justice and founder of Peacework CSA, Elizabeth Henderson, for an evening of fair labor discussions.

Employment Law: What does it take to pay employees on the books and to be a regulations compliant employer? In this webinar, the Farm Commons will present on Employment Law, including tax implications and other relevant topics.

Note: You will have the option to register for multiple courses on one form.

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