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We're excited you're interested!

  • Have opportunity to provide input to CADE on pressing needs to increase local food procurement

  • Receive The Teaching Kitchen ® at Lenox Hill award-winning farm to institution curriculum

  • Receive at least 20 hours of CADE support and technical assistance which may include but is not limited to: building internal leadership and policy; menu planning; matchmaking to local food producers and food hubs; food cost budgeting; seasonal procurement; value-chain development and matchmaking; other identified needs during onboarding process

  • Have 1:1 access to successful farm to institution enterprises, wholesale farmers, buyers, food hubs, distributors, institutional kitchen staff and more

  • Receive CADE and Farm to Institution partner briefings on market research around farm to institution, policy updates and more

  • Quarterly learning opportunities specific to emerging markets and farm to institution 

  • Pending proven commitment to EMTP Program: Receive a kitchen site-visit and/or leadership training to support farm to institution procurement; available only after completion of TTK curriculum and proven commitment to program 

EMTP Registered Institutions Will:

  • Must have institutional leadership buy-in to work towards increasing local food procurement 

  • Must be willing to complete a 6-module online training (from The Teaching Kitchen ® at Lenox Hill) that is estimated to be completed in 8 hours

  • Must be willing to commit to approximately 15 hours of scheduled calls, meetings or visits with CADE to support goal to increase local food procurement by 2023

  • Open to hosting (with stipend/payment and organization by CADE) farmer visits as part of our EMTP-Farmer Training and/or host other institutions to share practices

  • Must be willing to provide baseline data, complete workshop evaluations, and biannual surveys; Willing to share experiences (on a panel, in call, surveys, etc.) for year two recruitment of program 

Institution Eligibility:

In order for CADE to provide effective business support to clients whom we serve, all CADE employees, Board members, interns, and consultants are bound by confidentiality not to disclose information provided by clients without their permission. Such information may include: annual gross revenue, income, sales, names of buyers, recipes, legal information or other sensitive information.

We invite you to fill out our confidentiality form to comfortably provide the registration information requested below, and all program participants will be bound by CADE's Client Confidentiality, Privacy Policy and Metric Requirement which is described in detail at the link above.  

Registration for Institutions

Does your institution have local food procurement policy?
Does your institution have an exclusive distributor contract?
Does your institution have a geographic bid-preference?

Thank you for registering for the Emerging Markets Training Program

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