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Being Strategic When Selecting an
Insurance Agent, Accountant, or Attorney for the Farm

October 5, 2022 | 6:00-7:00pm | Online

keywords: operations, risk management, resource sharing, networking

presenters: Farm Commons

The best farms leverage the strength of many as they build their resilience for the long term. An insurance agent, accountant, and attorney each can play a valuable role in helping the producer achieve the operation of their dreams. Yet, building out a team can be a lot harder than it seems. Farms and ranches struggle to find folks they trust and can afford. There are solutions, and this webinar will help producers understand where to look, the questions to ask, and how to keep fees manageable when working with essential business supporters.


CADE is also soliciting submissions to our community sources Small Business Services Directory! Have you had a great experience with an accountant, attorney, graphic designer or other "professional service" provider for your farm or food business? Submit their name to be included in our directory!

Note: You will have the option to register for multiple courses on one form.

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