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Image by Ant Rozetsky

Jim Hyland

A Bit About Me

Jim Hyland is a Senior Consultant at Kitchen Table Consultants, a firm that uses real world experience to help farms and food artisans build lasting, profitable, locally focused businesses. Jim specializes in food production, supply chain and building management teams. He converted an abandoned IBM cafeteria into The Farm Bridge, a 30,000 sq ft processing kitchen with a staff of 50 and annual sales of 5.5 million, between 2009 and 2021 it served both farms and food entrepreneurs as Hudson Valley’s premier specialty/local food manufacturer. 

Jim helped commercialize hundreds of recipes and local food concepts, combining his passion for local food with a drive to execute real change in the local food system. He is recognized as an early pioneer in the expansion of locally grown foods into retail, institutional and home delivery markets. Jim is the recipient of Farm Credit - National 100 Fresh Perspective, the Glynnwood Center’s Harvest Award - Local Food Pioneer and Orange County IDA - Accelerator Award: Contribution to Food Manufacturing.  

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