Interested in Carbon Farming?

Interested in carbon farming trends? As we speak, advocates in New York and beyond are looking for ways that farmers who use farming practices that improve soil health and on-farm resilience to extreme weather events while sequestering carbon could receive cash payments for this important work! Here’s an article that illustrates what that might look like. We’ll keep you posted on news and trends and how they may affect you and your “bottom line”...and the planet’s! 

For more information on the ABCs of climate smart farming practices, see these information sheets on the Soil & Water Ag Environmental Management website or USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service website on Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction and Carbon Sequestration

Prefer to talk to a real person for more information?  Contact your County Soil and Water Conservation District representative who can provide you with details on how you can implement these new and emerging practices. 

Are you already implementing climate smart farming practices (such as double cropping, or no-till farming, or rotational grazing) or are you ready to do more?  If so, you may be eligible for a Climate Resilient Farming Grant which can reimburse you for up to 75% for, for example, covercrop seeds, agricultural waste storage cover and flare systems, rotational grazing fencing, irrigation equipment, and more!  These reimbursements can put cash back in your pocket to reinvest in your farm or enhance your farm income. Contact your County Soil and Water Conservation District representative for more information.