What's New at CADE

Our Farm and Food Business Incubator 2019 winter workshop series has successfully concluded, with 38 attendees overall learning from CADE staff and specialist experts in the many components of developing a successful business plan.  Over the coming weeks we will be finding more opportunities to do additional group classes, including rescheduling a couple of planned sessions that were canceled due to weather conditions.  In the meantime, CADE will continue to work one-on-one with a number of farm and food businesses in an advising/mentoring capacity throughout the year. To learn more about accessing one-on-one support for your business needs, please see more information on our website here and complete our incubator application form here.

 In 2018, CADE launched its Fiscal Sponsorship Program and continues to welcome applications from farm and food businesses. The Fiscal Sponsorship Program offers a new opportunity for agribusinesses to identify and bring in new sources of capital.  Businesses fiscally sponsored by CADE can request funding from organizations or individuals that require non-profit status. That means foundations can award grants to farm and food businesses--normally reserved for non-profit, or 501c3 organizations--and individuals interested in funding projects or donating to farm and food businesses enrolled in this program, may receive a tax exemption letter for their donation. See our website for more information and how to apply.