CADE is excited to share the impact of our work on you.

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On March 14th, CADE staff tabled at the Ag Solutions Expo at SUNY Cobleskill and were inspired by the steady stream of farm and food business people stopping by our booth.  We are now following up with each of those we talked to, helping them access information and resources to take the next step on their entrepreneurial paths.  We particularly enjoyed having four of our Farm and Food Business Incubator program participants practice delivering their business pitches to a panel of peers and two impressive SUNY Cobleskill Ag Business Management students - Tom Coene, a senior, and Lydia Williams, a junior, who provided helpful feedback and support.  Participating farmer Edmund Brown of Cairncrest Farm in West Winfield noted afterward: “Preparing for and then delivering my speech was a useful exercise - it brought home how far our farm business has come in the last four years, while at the same time it reinforced how much more we still need to grow.”  Shannon Finn of Cowbella LLC in Jefferson agreed: “"Participating in the practice pitch session that was part of CADE's small business training workshop was a great experience that helped to hone and focus the message about our company that we want to be able to get across to potential investors."

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If you have a story on how you’ve been touched by CADE’s programs, we’d love to hear about it. Please let us know about it and we will include it in our future communications.