Hops Resources


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The following content is prepared by Dustin Wood, Muddy River Hops for CADE’s 2014 Hop Aboard! Learning Series.

Yard Preparation:

  • Crannog Ales Small-Scale Hops Production Manual
  • Sustainable Hops Production in the Great Lakes Region

Variety Selection:

  • USA Hops Variety Manual- Brief descriptions of the most common hop varieties, including estimated yield and chemical properties
  • Randy Flores, c/o US Hop Source - Several varieties available from CO, WA:  (970) 497-0691, ushopsource@gmail.com


  • Sprinkler Warehouse


  • Oregon State University Hops Fertilizer Guide

Pest Management:

  • Field Guide for IPM in Hops - A complete guide on common injurious insects, pathogens, and abiotic agents with photos and diagrams
  • University of Vermont Research Trials – three years of research on a research and demonstration hop yard in Northwest VT

General Hop Information:

  • Northeast Hop Alliance
  • Hop Growers of America

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