NYS Grown & Certified

New York State Grown & Certified is the first statewide, multi-faceted food certification program designed to strengthen consumer confidence in New York products, address food product labeling, and assist New York farmers so they can take advantage of the growing market demand for foods locally grown and produced to a higher standard.

A marketing campaign will promote awareness of the program and highlight New York producers who meet New York State Grown & Certified standards. This includes on-product labels and promotional materials, such as a New York State Grown & Certified website, video and sales materials, to encourage program participation among producers and to educate retail and wholesale buyers - such as restaurants - on the value of the program. Consumer advertising and retail promotion will begin this fall.
View the New York State Grown & Certified website here.

Producers interested in learning more about how to become New York State Grown & Certified and how to qualify can learn more here or contact the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets at 1-800-554-4501, email NYSGrownAndCertified@agriculture.ny.gov.