Communication Survey: Results Are In!

We had a great response to last month’s survey, which asked about how you communicate with customers for your farm/food business. We’re interested in this subject because we know how time-consuming (and mission-critical) customer communications can be.

Not surprisingly, we found that face-to-face communication is still the most important way these businesses stay in touch; but more than half of respondents say that email is very important. Phone communication is also very important for almost half of respondents. Facebook and Instagram are both very important for more than a third of these businesses, and interestingly, texting is very important for almost one third.

Despite how important email is for our respondents, only a few use a dedicated mailing list management software like Mailchimp or Constant Contact.

We did a little research ourselves and found these links about email marketing for farms that you may want to explore:

(Please note that these links may include commercial offerings - we’re not endorsing those, but we’ve reviewed the information provided and found it useful)

About one third of respondents are very satisfied with their business communications, but almost two-thirds are looking for ways to improve in this area. None of our respondents felt that communications is “not that important” for their business!

The answers to this survey lead us to more questions - for example, to what extent specific tools are used to conduct business transactions (e.g. placing orders) vs. branding and awareness. Those are questions for another day, but the results from this initial survey help us understand your needs and develop programming and resources that we know will be of value to you.