Agricultural Microenterprise Program for New Delaware County Agricultural Businesses

Delaware County Department of Economic Development
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Delhi, NY 13753
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News Release For Immediate Release

Glenn Nealis
Director of Economic Development
(607) 832-5123

DATE: July 21, 2017

DELHI, NEW YORK – The Delaware County Department of Economic Development is pleased to announce a second round of funding under the Agricultural Microenterprise Program. This funding round is a continuation of the program which began in 2015 and will focus on two primary components of business development: education and financial assistance. The goal of the program is to encourage the development of new, agricultural and agri-tourism micro enterprise businesses within the County. Applications for grant assistance under this program must be hand-delivered or postmarked by September 15th.

This spring, during the first funding round, the Department received 17 applications from new and existing Ag related businesses.  The Department was able to provide funding for 11 projects totaling just under $108,000 and encouraging the investment of $400,000 in the agricultural industry. 

The second round of funding, for which applications will be accepted until September 15th, will make roughly $82,000 of funding available solely to new agricultural and agri-tourism related businesses.   For the purposes of this opportunity a new business is one which has been in operation or formally established for six months or less at the time of application.

Grants of up to $30,000 will be available to assist new agricultural and agri-tourism micro-enterprise businesses (5 or fewer employees including all owners) in financing the costs of their project.  Grant funds will require a dollar for dollar match, and may be used to offset a portion of the working capital, inventory and machinery/equipment expenses of the business project. Acquisition, construction or renovation expenses will not be eligible for reimbursement but will be considered, as appropriate, for inclusion as matching expenses.

Businesses seeking funding under this program will be required to participate in and successfully complete an Entrepreneurial Training program provided by the Center for Agricultural Development and Entrepreneurship (CADE) as a condition for receiving grant funding. The program will address a variety of topics pertaining to the establishment of a new business including; local farming community/practices, developing your farm plan, a financial overview, and developing a sales and marketing strategy.

For additional information on this grant funding opportunity, please contact Glenn Nealis by emailing GLENN.NEALIS@CO.DELAWARE.NY.US or calling 607.832.5123.