Join the Shiitake Mushroom Business Development Network

The Shiitake Business Development Network is a group of about 20 beginning growers who, with the guidance of extension educators and experienced growers, will participate in an online course from June – Oct 2017 to facilitate the development of the necessary aspects of a viable log-grown shiitake enterprise.

Participants are expected to commit 2 -3 hours per week and complete and share each milestone assignment, due every two weeks. A number of educational webinars will also be hosted to present content at the opening of each section, which can be viewed live or watched as a recording later.

The outcome of your participation is a fully developed production and marketing plan for your log-grown shiitake enterprise. This opportunity is open to anyone growing in New York who plans to sell log-grown shiitake mushrooms as a farm product, at any scale.

This process aims to be beneficial to growers at all stages, from just getting started to those with a few seasons of experience. Along the way, participants will have access to experienced growers and educators who can help answer specific questions and engage in one-on-one consulting phone calls.


For each two-week segment, we expect participants to:

  • Review the webinar/written content
  • Complete the assignment
  • Report back in the community forum online

The last month (September) of the process will give you time to pull all the materials together into a final plan, and we will ask for you to present it to the group.

Schedule and Topics:

June 1 – 15: Introductions, Mini-Business Plan
June 16 – 29: Production Plans & Record Keeping
June 30 – July 13: Forest Ecology & Management for Mushroom Production
July 14 – July 27: Mushroom Identification
July 28 – August 10: Market Channel Assessment
August 11 – August 24: Budgeting & Cash Flow
August 25 – Sept 7: Regulations, Legal
Sept 8 – Sept 21: Pulling the Plans Together
Sept 22 – Oct 5: Participant Presentations


To apply, please fill out the form by MAY 12. Those accepted will be notified by June 1 and enrolled in the course.

Learn more here.