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Local Grains Lollapalooza!

When: Saturday, August 24th, 2-5 pm
Where: Earth’s Harvest Farm, 2835 NY- 51, Morris, NY 13808
For Info & Registration: Elizabeth Dyck at OGRIN at or 607 895 6913

Given the strong and unmet consumer demand for locally grown grains, farmers have an opportunity to develop grain enterprises with good profit potential. Join CADE* and OGRIN* for a field event that will cover value-added grain production from “soup to nuts,” including:

• A discussion of the grains and specialty field crops in demand and how to grow them, such as wheat, hulled and hulless barley and oats, rye, ancient grains, heirloom corn, buckwheat, flax, and more

• Grain-processing options for increased profitability

• Demos of affordable production and processing equipment, including combines, grain cleaners, mills, an oat roller, and grain dehuller

• Local and regional retail and wholesale marketing options

• A tasting of local whole grains and grain products

Presenters include: Paul Koch, operator of Earth’s Harvest Farm’s micro-processing facility that produces a line of organic hot cereals and flours; Bill Powers, garlic grower who is developing small-scale grain production on his farm near Hartwick, NY; Thor Oechsner, long-time, larger-scale organic grain farmer and co-owner of the Farmer Ground Flour Mill (Trumansburg, NY); and Elizabeth Dyck, agronomist who specializes in grain production and development of affordable, small-scale processing equipment.

This event is for farmers new to grains, those seeking to increase profitability of their grain enterprises, and consumers interested in supporting—and eating (!)—locally grown grains. An entrance fee of $15 is requested.

For more information, contact Elizabeth Dyck at OGRIN (, 607 895 6913).

*CADE: Center for Agricultural Development and Entrepreneurship (

OGRIN: Organic Growers’ Research and Information-Sharing Network (
This work is funded, in part, by NE SARE Research and Education Grant LNE-17 357.