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Wellspring Forest Farm: Foundations of Forest Stewardship Online Course

This course is included as a prerequisite to other short courses (see below), or as a stand alone learning opportunity for anyone around the world.

While the content is presented in the context of the Northeastern North American woodland, the patterns and approach will benefit forest dwellers anywhere who want to learn more about the woods around them and how they can be active stewards of the forested landscape.

his course walks you through the foundations of forest ecology and management, on your own time. Explore one topic per week, or one per day!

ign up to the course and receive access for three months to the content. During this time, work through lessons as your own pace, and ask questions of your instructors anytime.

ach lesson features video lectures, readings, resources, and skill building activities for your to practice in your woods or a local park or preserve.

esson 1 - Knowing our Roots: History & Indigenous Forestry

Lesson 2 - Thinking Like the Forest: Perspectives & Ways of Knowing

Lesson 3 - Patterns and Principles: Forest Ecology 101

esson 4 - Felling and Skidding: Managing the Trees

essons 5 - Finding the Bounty: Wild Crafting and Foraging Ethics

Lessons 6 - Growing Abundance: Cultivating Food & Medicine in the Woods

COST: $175
FREE admittance is included in tuition to any other short courses.