For the past 25 years, CADE has been working with entrepreneurs to build a more viable food system.


The Center for Agricultural Development and Entrepreneurship is a 501(c)3, not-for-profit organization.


CADE's mission is to increase the number and diversity of successful farm enterprises and related businesses in New York.


CADE works to build a vibrant food system, in which locally owned agricultural businesses thrive and consumers are nourished by healthy sustainably produced food.


CADE is a community of agricultural entrepreneurs and specialists who value

  • Sustainability
  • Collaboration
  • Inclusion
  • Transparency
  • Innovation


CADE works to increase the “Triple Bottom Line” of agricultural development by:

  • Increasing profit margins of farm business through efficient production systems, effective marketing and distribution programs and sound business principles;
  • Promoting sound environmental production practices such as low input, organic, grass-based livestock production, watershed runoff protection, and improved distribution of the lower “food-miles” thus reducing energy consumption; and
  • Engendering positive social outcomes such as job creation, generational farm transition, positive connections between farmers and consumers, health benefits of local foods, and locally circulating dollars.


CADE works collaboratively to deliver programming and serve the diverse needs of our farming community:



Rebecca Morgan
Executive Director

Rachel Kornhauser-Vitale
Program Manager


Lauren Melodia
Value Chain Manager


Board of Directors

Ken Jaffe
Board Chair

Slope Farms

Andrew Flach
Hatherleigh Press

Walter Riesen

Star Route Farm

Tianna Kennedy
Vice Chair

Star Route Farm

Carli Ficano

Hartwick College



Ed Lentz

Fox Falls Farm

Carolyn Lewis

SUNY Oneonta



Erin Summerlee

Food & Health Network

Sonia Janiszewski

Livestock Foundation


Open Positions


CADE works with a select team of consultants that specialize in agricultural technical assistance, business planning and other relevant topics and issues for regional farmers. Such topics include:

  • Business Plan Development
  • Accessing Capital
  • Scaling up
  • Planning for Wholesale
  • Food Safety & Quality Control
  • Equipment Sharing & Cooperative Management Models
  • Social Media and Webpage Design
  • Brand Identity, Advertising & Packaging



  • Send an email to containing the following
    • Letter of interest detailing why you would like to join CADE's extended team
    • A resume providing your qualifications
    • Work samples (links or PDFs only, please)


The Center for Agricultural Development & Entrepreneurship (CADE) is currently seeking a VALUE CHAIN FACILITATOR to increase farm revenues through the introduction of regional products and producers to new buyers in Upstate New York, New York City, and other sub/urban markets.  The ideal buyer reflects the farm to table movement with an emphasis on supporting small farmers. In addition, buyers should:

  • Maximize use of seasonal products;
  • Know their pricing requirements; and
  • Be willing to build producer relationship through productive feedback.

The successful candidate will be confident but personable; highly organized and self-motivated; and possess a familiarity with both farm products and urban market trends. Knowledge of farm to table restaurants and retailers, plus the ability and resources to research and qualify new sales targets, is preferred.

Requirements & Duties

  • Research and develop targeted lists of potential buyers along and near the existing Lucky Dog Hub routes to facilitate transport of product
  • Explore new route opportunities for additional transport.
  • Sample farm products and provide details to the producer for follow-up
  • Complete weekly reports
  • Analyze market research to facilitate sales opportunities
  • Identify farm and food business funding opportunities to expand agricultural economic development


Knowledge and experience compiling research.
Sales and product promotion experience.
Excellent communication skills.
Personable and flexible.
Excellent organization skills.

Salary commiserate with experience.