A recent assessment of Otsego and Delaware counties’ ability to serve growing markets with local agricultural products resulted in the formation of the Headwaters Agricultural Planning Initiative (HAPI). The assessment identified the need to support agricultural sector growth to enable a regional value chain that creates true economic impacts for farmers, the regional food system and the communities and environments in which they operate.  HAPI has partnered with CADE to identify a pool of qualified project proposals. The HAPI is actively seeking funding and matching projects to the best-fit grant and financing packages.

Step 1:

Answer these questions:

  • Are you an existing or beginning farmer, food business, farm support business, or farm or food support organization?

  • Do you need funding for construction, land acquisition, equipment and installation, working capital, livestock, etc.?

  • Do you operate your business in Otsego or Delaware County in New York?

Step 2:

If you answered yes to all three questions above, call us today to register your project!

Step 3:

You will be required to complete the application:

  • Complete application online

  • Attend one of the two upcoming application workshops, where you will have 30 minutes with a CADE representative to discuss your project and receive guidance on completing the application

Please note that while providing this information does not guarantee grant funding for your project, it will position your project for the best opportunity and likelihood to receive funding through the Headwaters Agricultural Planning Initiative.


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